May Days 2020

Il 15 e 16 maggio i ChangeMakers di tutt’Europa – giovani attivisti del progetto Start the Change – organizzeranno un calendario di iniziative online per riflettere sugli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile, sul tema della migrazione, dei diritti umani e dello sviluppo sostenibile. Anche durante la quarantena per la pandemia di covid-19 il Cambiamento va avanti!

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Changemakers piemontesi in azione
La pandemia ha cambiato i nostri piani, ma non ci fermerà:


It’s raining with the Sun: the quarantine is helping you gauge things?

Description: Interview with the famous Italian music group “Eugenio in via di Gioia”. A musical moment for all young people “enlightened by an unknown reality”, seated in a train station or close to the window looking outside “for the measure of things”. A youth able to navigate through the questions and dance in a world not going to change. The “start the change Cuneo” group wants to share this moment with all of you, in order to shake the world ! Being close right now is the only thing we can do. We’re looking for a way to realize a change in order for it to be heard and taken seriously. We are not only young ecologists – communists – vegans, as people claim, we are the future !

Saturday, May 15th, 6 p.m.

Language: Italian.



Services for homeless people at the time of the pandemic: despite the emergency, efforts are being made to guarantee assistance.

Description: Interview with Andrea and Marianna, social operators of the Social Cooperative Maria Cecilia and of Caritas Diocesana di Biella,  who, in addition to telling us about their work and the experience of the people they assist, will help us reflect on what we can learn from this situation to continue to defeat poverty, reduce inequalities and promote health , well-being and peace in society.

15th of May, at 17.00.

Language: Italian.



Approach the Change (4 interviste, cercale tutte qui)

Description: Our group would like to propose some interviews to people that are approaching the change in Education field due to Covid Emergency. We started from a question: are we ready for such big changes? A change like the one we are living affects the education from the formal point of view but also in the relations and in the behavior. We decided to get in contact with people who are experiencing it: teachers, scholars, social workers and …ourselves will be interviewed for sharing their experience and how they are approaching these changes. We will present some short videos in which we are going to explain our ideas about how society and education is changing.

15th of May, at 15.00.

Language: Italian.